For "Full-Time" Job Seekers

You might find job-hunting in Japan difficult due to the difference in practices and customs.
SAKULIFE is a recruitment agency for foreigners in Japan.
If you are having trouble finding employment in Japan, let us help you with your search.

What SAKULIFE Can Offer You

・ Introduce you to IT-related job opportunities
・ Help you prepare your resume and work history in Japanese
・ Arrange dates for appointments and interviews
・ We do not charge you any fees.

For "Part-Time" Job Seekers

There are many openings for part-time jobs in Tokyo, Chiba area.
Please contact us so we can help find one suited to your needs.

What SAKULIFE Can Offer You

・ Many job opportunities even with limited Japanese language skills
・ Long-term jobs, short-term jobs, jobs with daily wage and so on

For companies and HR Managers

If you are planning to hire someone from overseas, we can introduce skilled and experienced candidates to your company.
Please let us know what kind of candidate your company is seeking.

For persons looking to study Japanese

If you are planning to live in Japan to study Japanese, SAKULIFE can introduce you to a Japanese Language school for both long-term and short-term courses.

Job Information

Company Information

Company Name



Tsuyoshi Tanaka


August 2013

Permission number

般 12-300447

Core business

A fee-charging employment agency
General labor dispatch project

Head Office Address

Zip code: 272-0031
Ichikawa city, Hirata 3−4−1

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